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the planet venus is the representer of love and beauty.

the greek goddess aphrodite, who is connected to venus lives by example: she's self loving, free & fiery.

in astrology, according to liz greene, the placement of your venus shapes the picture of your inner anima. it follows that whenever we're not connected to venus, we lose self esteem and become attached. so connecting to the archetype of the zodiac where your personal venus is at home, will help internalize this picture and cultivate her strenghts and power.


we take the day to meet our innate venus, combined with self care and wholesome, nourishing beauty rituals.

duration: 1 day, preferably on a friday

what will you expect:

  • a self loving yoga session to start into the day

  • learn about the influence of venus in the birth chart

  • meet your individual venus placement

  • beauty rituals

  • time for self reflection

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