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inspired by the seasons we move through these days and get in touch with the qualities of each season. 

the sun is the essence of our being and shows us how to shine in your individual light. the warm and energizing power brings life and 

the moon reflects our emotional world. in the western world, we more and more lost the sense to our moon and its passive, cooling energies.


symbolic for the yin and yang, the active and passive, the father and mother and the conscious and subconscious.


through the archetypes of the zodiacs we meet the individual constellation of the sun and moon in your birth chart.

duration: 4 days - up to a week

what will you expect:

  • activating and calming yoga sessions to align with the sun and moon energy

  • learn about the influence of sun and moon in your personality 

  • insights of your individual sun and moon

  • time for self reflection

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